IRIS KRADER Dry Gin – turns the Black Forest upside down



Gin made in Germany originates from the Black Forest mixed & enjoyed all over the world

juniper berries
– hand-picked quality –

– directly from the own garden –

black forest water
– crystal clear –

– delightful bouquet –

A genuine Black Forest product

More than 20 botanicals ensure that the gin is complex, aromatic and balanced.
Also pleasantly bitter, dry and not unnaturally sweet.


When a gin bears the name of its distiller

The eponym if IRIS KRADER Dry Gin is none other than the distiller herself : Iris Krader realized her idea to create her own personalized gin. The attatchment to her homeland, the Black Forest, and its traditions is particularly evident in both the design and the ingredients.

After the distillation, the gin is mixed with spring water from the Black Forest and reduced to a drinking strength of 47 % by volume. After weeks of storage in steel tanks, IRIS KRADER Dry Gin is gently filtered.

500 bottles of IRIS KRADER Dry Gin are produced per batch.


With ingredients from the own garden

Regional botanicals, lavender blossoms and rose petals from our own garden are part of the recipe.
The ultra-modern water bath distillery has a capacity of 150 litres and is deliberately fired with wood – just like 100 years ago.

Before Iris distils the ingredients such as juniper, blackberry leaves, sloes, mint, cardamon and cranberries , they are macerated for 48 hours.


100 years of family tradition – which characterizes

The Scholerhof, a small winery and distllery, is located in the heart of the Markgräflerland.
The Markgräflerland in the Baden wine region stretches over a length of about 60km from Freiburg in the north to Basel in the south making it the southernmost wine region in Germany.
The distiller´s family can look back on almost 100 years of distillation tradition.


Fourfold distilled:

25 years ago, Iris Krader took over her uncle´s distillery.

At that time, she was determined to keep her family´s guide.

„quality over quantity“

There are many distillation methods and each distiller considers his own to be the best.
As with her grandfater, her motto is the same:

„double distilled is better“

An exception is the IRIS KRADER Dry Gin:

It is distilled four times by its distillers.



Incomparably good – IRIS KRADER DRY GIN

The juniper taste, embedded in floral notes, is combined with citrus and pepper aromas to create a persistent, long-lasting and aromatic taste experience.

Most of the more than 20 ingredients grow in the Black Forest or in the Scholerhof orchards.